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13 September 2005 @ 11:32 am
1 Rec - Justin/Daphne  
Title: Periphery
Author on LJ: redbrickrose
Author's Website: link to memories
Pairing: Justin/Daphne, mentions of Brian/Justin
Rating: R
Why you should run and read this right now:

Wait - don't cringe from the het! Just trust me, okay?

It's extremely hard to find any het fic at all in this fandom and harder still to find good het fic. Fortunately, this fits the bill perfectly. I love Daphne here, not just her interaction with Justin, but her take on the Brian/Justin relationship - a perspective that's more objective and honest than you would get from most of the other characters. Justin is spot on here as well, vulnerable but not as weak as many people portray him. An overall lovely and well done rare pairing.


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