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06 September 2005 @ 10:44 am
Title: Ready
Pairing: Brian/Justin
Author: juteux
Rating: NC-17
Why you should run and read this right now:

Holy Hotness, Batman! Besides being one of the steamiest fic I have ever read, this might be the best Justin voice I've ever read. Set sometime between Seasons 3 & 4 (I think), Justin comes home from a long shift at the diner to find Brian gone - again. He decides he's had enough and heads to Babylon, where it's Black Out Night. And out on the dance floor, he gives Brian a little of his own medicine. I love take-charge Justin and the way he manages to outmaneuver Brian when he's least expecting it. And did I mention Justin in a black leather jacket? Yeah.

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02 September 2005 @ 09:47 am
Hey all, I'm reccing QaF over at crack_van this month, so I figured I'd post everything here too. So, up first this month -

Title: Subject To Change
Author on LJ: soundczech (personal)/themagichour (fic journal)
Author's Website: blatant narcissism
Pairing: Brian/Justin
Rating: R
Why you should run and read this right now:

First, this story is an AU. Not an uncommon premise in this fandom, but it's rarely done as well as it is here. Spinning off from episode 121, this story wonders what might happen have happened if Brian had gone to New York and what happens when Justin runs into him six years later in a club. Both of them older now and wiser (sort of), they begin to form a friendship that surprises them both. The characterizations here are excellent, with a Justin and Brian that seem like real people, not the caricatures that they so frequently end up in AU fic. A truly gorgeous story and one of my personal favorites.

Subject To Change - 1/2
Subject To Change - 2/2
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10 August 2005 @ 02:27 pm
Title: Storms
Author: Gypsybird
Rating: NC-17, and much more than just your average PWP.
Pairing: Brian/Michael, established relationship, but doesn't fit in the show's timeline.
Any Warnings: Nope, just for the show in general.
Summary: Though we’ve only been a couple for six months, I’ve known about this particular fear since childhood. Now, here in the darkness, it’s like we’re fourteen all over again.

Why you should read this
Because Gypsy writes a beautiful Brian-voice, and her imagery is gorgeous, juxtaposing the storm outside with the storm inside. And the narrative is just so tightly wound, building up with thunder, that you're counting the seconds between rumbles right along with the boys. Seriously, just read it. Hot and well-written - what more can you ask?

Storms, by Gypsybird
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24 July 2005 @ 11:32 am
I've got quite a few recs that I want to give, since it's been a while since I've posted. Most of them are actually by the same person, but I'm going to spread them out anyway. If you don't like AUs, you might want to skim over this post. *g*

Title Gossip
Author yoursweater
Rating PG-13
Pairing Brian/Justin
Summary tab·loid: A newspaper of small format giving the news in condensed form, usually with illustrated, often sensational material. "This’ll blow over by next week. Instead of feeding to the glut of gossip, we’ll fucking make it."

Title Celebrity, A Prequel to Gossip
Author yoursweater
Rating PG-13
Pairing Brian/Justin
Summary Some things are made to be discovered.

I really do recommend these 2 fics. Before I stumbled onto yoursweater's stuff (I'm actually fairly sure this is the first AU I read.) I was completely afraid to read AU fic at all, but she does it well. I have 2 or 3 more of hers that I want to rec, but I'll save them for another day

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06 July 2005 @ 09:55 pm
Title: Echo
Author: Jenn/seperis
Author's Website: Indulgence
Rating: R/Adult
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Daphne, Brian, mentions of Brian/Justin, Daphne/Justin, Justin/Ethan
Warnings: I'd say Drug Use, but if you watch the show...

Why should you read this?

There aren't enough good Daphne stories out there. She's a favorite of mine and when I came across this, I was so pleased. Set in Season Three, we get to see how Justin's relationship with Ethan is affecting someone other than Brian. Of course, who better for her to commiserate with than Brian himself? Over the course of the night, things take a revealing and surprising turn. A great story, highly recommended.


There are also not one, but two sequels to Echo:

Steps by Joss and Stumble and Fall by Jenn, both of which I would also recommend.
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05 July 2005 @ 07:01 pm
Title Slowly Unstitching
Author blacksatinrose (Ariel)
Rating PG13
Character(s)/Pairing(s)/etc. Brian/Justin
Any Warnings (including Spoiler Warnings, AU warnings, etc.) Spoilers through 507.

It's been a while since my last rec, but I'm trying to find things that I'm confident 1) that haven't already been read by everyone or 2) are really really worth the reccing.

(Also, a question. I don't generally read AU fics, but I've read a couple that I really really enjoyed. I'm unsure what the response would be to AU recs, since I know not everyone likes them. If anyone is interested in seeing AU fic recs, let me know, and I'll be happy to pass them on.)
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23 June 2005 @ 06:16 pm
First off, wow. Sixty watchers in less than 24 hours. That's awesome. Thanks everyone for friending us, and I hope you enjoy reading our recs. I'd like to take this oppurtunity to say that I (and I'm sure the other 3 recs) hope that you guys are all able to find something you like among our recs. We'll try our hardest to rec a variety of things so that everyone can find something they like! Remember, you can suggest something to us here, and we'll take a look. Comments are screened in that post. Again, welcome and enjoy!

And so this isn't a totally pointless post, here's another rec. I may not always do one a day, but I'll try to keep up and give recs as often as possible. As it is, I have a list a mile long of things I'd like to rec. Should keep me (and you) busy for a while.

Title: Of Unrecorded Words
Author: blacksatinrose
Rating: R
Character(s)/Pairing(s)/etc.: Brian/Justin, Justin/Ethan, some Brian/Michael friendship
Summary: Art, and a million little thoughts that inspire it.

I really don't know what to say about *why* you should have a look at this. You just should. Simple as that. The writing is amazing. The art is amazing. Just go take a look. You won't be disappointed. There's no quote because really, I can't choose one.

And one more note. I'd like to remind you all that all recs will be archived in the memories section by primary pairing/character.
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23 June 2005 @ 01:43 pm
Title: Secret Sanctuary
Author: danelle9118
Rating: NC-17
Character(s)/Pairing(s)/etc: Emmett/Drew
Any Warnings : Spoilers for Season Four
Quote: It did however, have something very much to do with a certain weird, strange and quirky homosexual that Drew just couldn’t stop thinking about.

danelle9118 gives perfect voice to the Emmett/Drew relationship. The story delves a bit into Drew's head and background and gives us Emmett/Drew lovers a scenario that is quite possible and one we all want/ed to see. The writing is spot on and very visual.

Title: 409: Missing Scene
Author: burntsm0re
Rating: R (post-sex)
Character(s)/Pairing(s)/etc.: Emmett/Drew
Any Warnings: Spoilers up to 409
Quote: So what happened at Drew's house after they fucked that night?

This little missing scene answered the niggling question in the back of my mind: What happened after they fucked? burntsm0re is one of my absolute favorite authors as she has this phenomenal way to create the character voices and scenarios. The visuals here are stunning and you can't help but see everything playing out in your head as you read this.
23 June 2005 @ 12:31 pm
*waves* Hello, gang. I'm the newest reccer here at goodqafrecs, and the resident B/M fan. Now before you go all "ewww", give a girl a break here.

My first rec is Xof's "Only, Everything", the first of her Dream Series. I believe it was actually the first B/M fic ever written, and it's hard to believe she hasn't been writing these two forever when you read it. It's a stand-alone, but connects beautifully with the others in the series. Check out the rest of the series over on Always if you've got the time and inclination. Xof's stuff is absolutely amazing. "Encompassed", "Enough of Reason", and the Dream Series are probably the most well-known of her work.

Title: "Only, Everything"
Author: xof1013
Pairing: Brian/Michael
Rating: NC-17
Summary: This is an alternate look at one of my favorite episodes in the series: 109. It picks up at the scene where Brian shows up in the middle of the night at Michael's apartment, and ends up breaking down in Michael's bed. Xof just nudges the scene in a more physical direction, and does it so believably. Her characterization is top-notch, and her Michael-voice is what all others aspire to. And the hottest thing about this? Spine-tingling boyrubbing and no actual penetration. That's what Xof does best.

Only, Everything
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22 June 2005 @ 10:19 pm
Hello darlings! For my first rec, I thought I'd give you one of my absolute favorite stories for this pairing.

Title: Raw
Author: burnitbackwards
Pairing: Brian/Justin
Rating: Very, very NC-17
Summary: Did you read the title? Yeah, that's all you need to know.

Why should you read this?

First of all, this fic is hot like a scalding hot thing. For two people who have probably done everything twice, this is the ultimate last step. And aside from the amazing sex, there is a strong sense of character here and both Brian and Justin feel so right that I could see this playing out this way.

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