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22 October 2005 @ 10:56 pm
1 Rec  
Title End
Author yoursweater
Rating PG-13
Characters Brian, Justin, Gus
Summary When Brian Kinney dies, he isn’t thirty one years old.

This was posted maybe...10 minutes ago? But I had to rec it. Why should you read it? Because it's written just so damn well (like all of her fics are, actually). Warning though. There's angst and a huge dose of it. Not for the light hearted.

Quote He isn’t young and beautiful anymore, and he is no longer the King of anything. He doesn’t die by overdosing on sleeping pills with a pink fedora tight around his neck, splayed across his mattress of satins and silks with a smirk on his face – finally happy to be gone, gone after so many empty years of sticking around. He isn’t anything, because he’s everything he never thought he’d be.
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