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Queer As Folk Fic Recommendations
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This community will be used to rec quality Queer As Folk (US) fanfiction.

This community does not have open membership, as there will only be a few "reccers" allowed. This will keep the quaility of the fic recced at a higher level. Occaisionally, I may call for more people to apply.

Anyone can friend the community. Afterall, what's the point if you can't?

Please keep in mind that the fic recced here will be of an adult nature. Many fics will contain M/M (and/or F/F) relationships. If this offends you, you probably shouldn't be surfing around QaF communities anyway. Go away.

Recs will be posted as such:
Title (Link)
Any Warnings (including Spoiler Warnings, AU warnings, etc.)
Quote (if the reccer wants to include this)

If there's a fic that you'd like to see recced, you can point us in the direction of that fic here, though we reserve the right not to rec it, feel free to do so.

Maintainer: catchmelike
Reccers: catchmelike, dawnydiesel, siryn99, bluerosefairy

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